Project Description

LiteWiki is a simple wiki engine built using Asp.Net with a SQL Server 2008 back end database. It's purpose is to provide a no frills wiki engine that can be deployed easily, is simple to modify and provides some basic authentication capabilities. LiteWiki is intended to be used as a core wiki which can be extended with any custom features you may need. By keeping the feature set minimalistic and the code simple this customization becomes very easy.

  • Lite
    • The code base is extremely small
    • Easy to make enhancements to
    • Simple DB Structure
      • Requires just 2 tables (Page & PageHistory) when no authentication used
  • Highly skinnable
    • All layout is done via CSS
  • Runs on Asp.Net 2.0
  • Uses a SQL Server Database
    • We do everything through an interface so you can build your own DB provider easily
  • Uses Asp.Net Membership Providers for Authentication
  • Allows you to lock out pages
    • Private pages only allow authenticated users to view them
    • Can allow Anonymous edits on a page-by-page basis
  • Supports Google Analytics

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